Supply List 2017-18


Mrs. LaCoste

Kindergarten – Room 115 – West Parish School


Your child will need to bring in supplies for personal and community use.

 Individual supplies that need to be labeled with your child’s name:

*a spacious backpack that your child is able to open and close   independently

*a lunch box AND a separately packed small snack (we have snack each morning and your child should have 1 food item and 1 drink, preferably water)

*a set of Crayola 16 count crayons

* 3 marble composition books (no spiral notebooks please)

*change of clothes and underwear in a large, labeled Ziploc bag

*If your child doesn’t know how to tie, please have them wear Velcro sneakers on P.E. class days


Community use supplies that do not need to be labeled

*sandwich size Rubbermaid-type container (the one’s from Dollar Tree are great)

*one dish sponge ( make sure they don’t have a scrubber side)

*a box of tissues AND a roll of paper towels

*a canister of antibacterial wipes (for surfaces; not hands)

*a large bottle of hand sanitizer (not hand soap)

*1-4 cans of Play Doh brand dough (other brands dry out too quickly)


Homework Box: Please set up a shoebox at home that contains all the things that may be needed to complete any homework. My suggestions are: sharpened pencils, extra erasers, crayons, glues or glue sticks, tape, blank paper, scissors, a stapler and anything else you think may come in handy. If you have this box set up, you won’t be rushing out after dinner one night in the future looking for a needed supply.


***If you have any questions about any supplies, please feel free to contact me at You can bring the supplies to the popsicle party in August or your child can bring them to school on their first day. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY OTHER SUPPLIES THAT ARE NOT LISTED. The kindergartens are well stocked with all the other supplies that your child will need. If you wish, you can use other supplies at home in your homework box. Thanks!!!!!



Class Dojo

I am a big proponent of recognizing good behavior choices and working hard.  Many times in the classroom, there is a lot of time dedicated to those who do not make good choices, taking away time from those who are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  I want those students to be recognized so after many different systems, I have decided to go with Class Dojo.  It is an online program where students can earn points for making good choices.

I send home an instruction sheet for parents to sign into their child’s Class Dojo account.  When you sign in, you can see all the choices your child has made during the day…good and not so good.  It would be great if, once you are signed up, you could reinforce your child’s classroom choices at home.  Discuss things that went well, and not so well, during the day.

Every time a student earns 10 points in Class Dojo, they get a “punch”  on their good choices punch card.  After 5 punches, they get to visit the treasure basket.  They get so excited to earn points and to visit the treasure basket.  ***Note:  they earn points for making good choices and the only behavior that points are taken away for is talking during worktime. ***

I am very excited about starting this program.  I have seen nothing but positive research done on this program.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Class Dojo homepage


In November, we use the holiday of the month, Thanksgiving, to touch upon two important topics:  giving thanks and the Pilgrims.  We talk about what we are thankful for and how to use our manners.  We also discuss the first Thanksgiving which included the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags.
We continue to learn more letters and sounds in Lively Letters and Fundations.  In math, we continue counting, writing numbers, comparing lengths and using math manipulatives.  It is very important to go over the school rules and expectations with your child several times a week.  We are getting better and better with the routine, but we often need reminders of what the rules are in school.  Children need to hear and see things many times before they become internalized and learned.  Any assistance you can give with this is greatly appreciated.
With the colder weather upon us,  please make sure that your child can put on and zip their coat.    It’s a good idea to send extra socks with boots because even the best boots let in a little snow. Wet socks are very uncomfortable to wear all day.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Plimoth Plantation website for Children


September is a very busy month in kindergarten.  The biggest goal for this month is to get settled in school with our routine.  This is a new school with new friends and new teachers….it is big transition.  I like to spend most of the month on making new friends; following routines; learning the rules; basic skills like cutting, gluing and coloring…all skills children will need for the rest of the school life and beyond.  Our theme for the month is all about me and friends.  It is best to start the year with something familiar to your child and what do they know more about then themselves.
   In September, we also introduce some of the math manipulatives we will be using this year.  We do a lot of counting and learning about the calendar.  We may not sit down and do structured math lessons, but throughout our day we are using our math brains to problem solve.  We will also start our  Fundations letter formations and Lively Letters sounds.    I really want all the children to have a solid base of routines and basic skills. We will move into the more structured curriculum areas depending on how the class progresses in those base areas.  We are on a journey…not a race so I don’t want to push any child into something that they may not be quite ready for.
   The children will also be starting their “specials” right off the bat.  They will participate in music twice a week for 30 minutes, physical education twice a week for 30 minutes eand art once a week for 45 minutes.   These are all great classes that help enrich the curriculum and make your child a well-rounded student.  When the library is organized, we will go there once a week to take out books.  Each child may take out one book, which is due back one week later.  Your child needs to return their book before they can check out another.
   Towards the end of the month, we will have a curriculum night in the evening.  It is a time to come say hello and hear about what your child will be learning in kindergarten this year.  It will be a parents only night; no children should attend.  It will not be a time to discuss your child in depth since there will be lots of families there.  If you have concerns, please contact me and we can set up a mutually-convenient, private meeting time.

Great Websites to Visit


*Starfall is a great website for all aspects of learning how to read.  There are alphabet and word games, stories, and other fun academic and non-academic activities.  One of my favorite sites.


*ABCYa is another great site for reading and math practice.  I use many of these games and activities in the classroom and the students love to participate.


*Lexia is a program used at West Parish in all grades.  Your child will get a username and password at the beginning of the school year.  They will work on this site during the school day and they can also work on it at home.


*When we are learning the sounds of the letters, we use the Lively Letters program.  This is their website and you can see many of their lessons on Youtube.

Lively Letters

Getting Ready for School


Here are some fun activities that you can do at home as a preparation for the first day of school. They are optional activities and I thought they might be fun for some families to do to alleviate nervousness as the first day of school approaches. I’d love to see pictures of anything you make.

Countdown to the First Day of School

Photo Checklist

Snack and Lunchbox Notes

Magnetic Refrigerator Art Frames

Countdown to First Day Paper Chain