Class Dojo

I am a big proponent of recognizing good behavior choices and working hard.  Many times in the classroom, there is a lot of time dedicated to those who do not make good choices, taking away time from those who are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  I want those students to be recognized so after many different systems, I have decided to go with Class Dojo.  It is an online program where students can earn points for making good choices.

I send home an instruction sheet for parents to sign into their child’s Class Dojo account.  When you sign in, you can see all the choices your child has made during the day…good and not so good.  It would be great if, once you are signed up, you could reinforce your child’s classroom choices at home.  Discuss things that went well, and not so well, during the day.

Every time a student earns 10 points in Class Dojo, they get a “punch”  on their good choices punch card.  After 5 punches, they get to visit the treasure basket.  They get so excited to earn points and to visit the treasure basket.  ***Note:  they earn points for making good choices and the only behavior that points are taken away for is talking during worktime. ***

I am very excited about starting this program.  I have seen nothing but positive research done on this program.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Class Dojo homepage


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