September is a very busy month in kindergarten.  The biggest goal for this month is to get settled in school with our routine.  This is a new school with new friends and new teachers….it is big transition.  I like to spend most of the month on making new friends; following routines; learning the rules; basic skills like cutting, gluing and coloring…all skills children will need for the rest of the school life and beyond.  Our theme for the month is all about me and friends.  It is best to start the year with something familiar to your child and what do they know more about then themselves.
   In September, we also introduce some of the math manipulatives we will be using this year.  We do a lot of counting and learning about the calendar.  We may not sit down and do structured math lessons, but throughout our day we are using our math brains to problem solve.  We will also start our  Fundations letter formations and Lively Letters sounds.    I really want all the children to have a solid base of routines and basic skills. We will move into the more structured curriculum areas depending on how the class progresses in those base areas.  We are on a journey…not a race so I don’t want to push any child into something that they may not be quite ready for.
   The children will also be starting their “specials” right off the bat.  They will participate in music twice a week for 30 minutes, physical education twice a week for 30 minutes eand art once a week for 45 minutes.   These are all great classes that help enrich the curriculum and make your child a well-rounded student.  When the library is organized, we will go there once a week to take out books.  Each child may take out one book, which is due back one week later.  Your child needs to return their book before they can check out another.
   Towards the end of the month, we will have a curriculum night in the evening.  It is a time to come say hello and hear about what your child will be learning in kindergarten this year.  It will be a parents only night; no children should attend.  It will not be a time to discuss your child in depth since there will be lots of families there.  If you have concerns, please contact me and we can set up a mutually-convenient, private meeting time.

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